The Tongue Thing

I have a slight overbite which allows my tongue to peek out of my mouth without me knowing it. As a public service to all who have enjoyed my “tongue thing” in past posts, as well as new visitors, I have collected the best photos here:








Here’s a few of me just doing silly tongue stuff:





I hope you enjoyed the pics. Thanks for taking a look!



  1. The tongue thing is very funny, but what also caught me is his sweet and wise expression

  2. Sweet and wise-I like that. It tempers my silliness. Thanks!

  3. pure genius!!!
    checkers, you know how to work your assets!

  4. From wise to genius-wow, what a day I am having! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Adorable! 🙂

  6. Now when I need a good laugh, I can go here to get it. 🙂 Really cute, you ham.

  7. Great tongue thing shots from the worlds cutest dog…. Although the red creepy devil dog eyes keep happening

    P.S. The adoption offer still stands if you wanna live in Tasmania, You’ll havta live permanently upside down though….


  9. Excellent editorial decision, Checkers! Whenever I need a grin, I’ll remember to visit the Tongue Page!

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  11. Checkers,
    I just read your Codybear interview. Any friend of Codybear is a friend of mine.

  12. These are great! I really enjoyed The Tongue Thing!

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  16. The tongue thing is part of what makes checkers…AWESOME!

  17. Ah, the tongue thing is endearing! My people told me that they had a Rottie who had a rather long tongue, they said she looked like she’d got a little red heart in her mouthv – I did also hear them say they called her a dummy sucker, whatever that means, I’m sure it’s cute tho…
    luv ‘n’ slobber

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  20. Nice to meet you and see your blog! Ms. Leda directed me and my Woman to you. I’m also a Coedwig Corgi. Happy Tuesday and Lots of kisses! Bingo.

  21. Bingo, I am so glad you stopped by! There’s nothing like being a Coedwig Cardigan, is there?! I stopped by your myspace page. You look like a very cool cardi!

  22. aww you are so awesomely adorable! ❤

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  24. Love “the tongue thing,” Checkers! We sighthounds do that a lot, too, only out of the sides of our mouths. And those are some AWESOME ears! Best of all, though, is your color – just like mine! You’ve even got reddish paws like me. I get mine from standing in the swimming pool. I love the tongue antics, too. I just might have to do a blog on my pack’s silly tongue stuff. Keep barkin’ and bloggin’!
    From the fluffy side of dogdom, yours truly,

  25. Thanks, Sergei. Drop by and visit anytime!

  26. Just too adorable!

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