Posted by: Checkers | March 11, 2009

Our Secret Silly Names








and Chunkers!

You didn’t know we had secret silly names, did you? Now that they are not secret anymore, we will have to come up with new ones. Maybe we should have secret secret silly names…!

We took these pics today while the sun made a brief but glorious appearance. Ain’t life grand?!



  1. “chunkers” made me laugh.
    it looks like a beautiful day in your town.

  2. Hahahahaahaaaaa! Great, Chunkers! I will share some secret names soon, just to be fair 😉

  3. Chunkers gave me such a delight! It is my favorite now.

  4. Whit e girgious dey! Din’t wirry, Chunkers, o win’t gove ewey yir secrunk.

  5. Are those your super-hero names?

  6. Do you answer to those secret names or are they also secret torments?

  7. For the love of all things good…

    PLEASE tell me where scriff came from. I swear he is my dog’s long lost cousin…

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