Posted by: Checkers | January 10, 2009

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Starring You-Know Who








  1. you have an icy nose!

    checkers, and family, …it makes my day whenever i see what you’re up to. glad you’re finding time to post and hoping all is well with you!

  2. Beware the were-corgis!

  3. Sweet,
    Very sweet,

  4. Just sip the potion, Checkers!

  5. keep that tongue away from metal posts!!…Yikes..

  6. the flash in the eyes makes that last shot extra creepy! you’ve gotta stop hanging out with those rabid squirrels man.

  7. Looks like our place, but for the dogs. We, as you may know, live in Northern Ohio. Loads of snow and still coming down! Yippie!

  8. That’s a new pose for the tongue thing Checkers. 😀
    You are so adorable.

  9. Every time I see that last picture I short.

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