Posted by: Checkers | December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve with Checkers!














  1. I hope you got a prime rib bone out of all of that!

  2. Wow, you are such a party animal!! You should have a pair of those fancy glasses from Cody Bear’s site!!

  3. Adorable. Cute idea with the lights. Merry Christmas.

  4. your guy sure knows how to get the most out of his christmas lights!
    you look great in all your shots! have a very corgi christmas!

  5. Scruff’s already tucked in and dreaming of sugarplums, I see. And Nash looks so happy. And you look so… umm… hungry? Have a merry and memorable holiday!

  6. You’re looking very anticipatory!

  7. Ummmm aren’t you worried about electrocution in the last photo, It could be a bit painful

  8. Oh Checkers! You look so pretty with all the coloured lights!
    And so well behaved at table!
    Did you have anything good to eat?

  9. Oh Checkers we missed you whole you were gone! Hope you had a merrry christmas with lots of treats!

  10. What?! No Santa Hat?????? We made Bingo and ALL our dogs and 2 cats and 2 horses wear one. It was HILARIOUS. Go look at and it should be on the right side. 2008 Christmas Animals or something like that.

  11. Festive! Hope your dinner was fab! Happy New Year to all!

  12. Your “What the…?” look cracks me up EVERY time! Happy always and Merry whatever Checkers’ family! Thanks for the smiles 2008 🙂 !

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