Posted by: Checkers | September 3, 2008

Pool Party

Last evening my personal assistant and his family took me to the park to see something. As you may know, I never go to our neighborhood park because dogs are not allowed there. But he said tonight was special.

What I saw excited and freaked me out at the same time!

The neighborhood pool was full of people and dogs!

It seems that the city opens up the pool to dogs and owners/p.a.’s for one night before they close it for the season. It’s a fundraiser for the local animal shelter; you pay something like $7 and you can take your dogs in and let them run and play and swim. My p.a. knew I would be overwhelmed if I went in so we just stayed and watched through the fence. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun!

I was fine watching from the outside. Quite an evening!



  1. $7.00! isn’t that like a full 240 hour work week of pay for a corgi?

  2. I think it is twice my yearly salary!

  3. You definitely look freaked out in that first picture! 😀

  4. WAW! You look absolutely gorgeous on the first photo!
    What a nice iniciative!

  5. That’s a brilliant idea. Cai would’ve loved it, but I don’t think Fergus will ever be a water dog.

  6. Hey, I think I remember a scene like this from “Caddyshack” …

  7. Just think of the amount of fur they cleaned out of the pool filter!

  8. Hi

    I’ve found your blog and added you to my blogroll…for so many reasons too i might add…1) you are so visual!!…i live for pics (and confess i shamelessly stole your wordless wednesday idea…please don’t be mad)…2) i am in awe of the number of hits your site gets…you are the king of dog-blog-dom and 3) i am a sucker for a cardi…(you’re like little sawed-off german shepards).. even tho you guys used to kick my ass in the agility ring EVERY TIME


  9. Checkers, you like you just saw the Holy Grail of doggy-dom! Did Nash and Scruff get to go too?

  10. That’s awesome! I wish we had a local pool that did something like that!

  11. WoW. I think that might have been like having a bath though…..

  12. Boy Checkers they are freally freaky eyes in the 1st pic

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