Posted by: Checkers | August 25, 2008

Tattoo Bikers

As my personal assistant and I were browsing the New York Times online yesterday, we came across an article about tattoo bikers in New York who investigate animal cruelty reports, find stolen dogs, etc. These guys are cool! Go here to see the article. Make sure you click on the slide show while you are there.

The kids start back to high school this week. My p.a. starts a new job on Wednesday at the local hospice where he used to work. It’s just part time, so hopefully I won’t miss him too much.

We got out the hose yesterday-great fun. I am also learning how to dig holes in the back yard. Who knew lying in freshly dug holes could feel so good?!



  1. I admire anyone who works in hospice. That is special work for special people. 🙂

  2. my baby sister LOVES digging holes. her nose and feet are always dirty.
    it reallllly irks the mom.

  3. Checkers, you look very hot but so content like you’ve had a wonderful, fun Sunday. I, like Alli, admire anyone who works in hospice. It must be hard. Going to the biker site now!

  4. There is something so sweet about seeing rough bikers gently holding kittens and puppies!!

  5. i hope you’re not too lonely today!
    i bet he’ll miss you, too.

  6. My Mini-Aussies love to dig holes, and then I lay in them! I used to dig at my old house, but have not done so here. Arkansas dirt is harder than Washington dirt! So I let the Mini’s do all the excavation work. So, who won the wet t-shirt contest? Sniff, Sniff! BINGO

  7. I’m sure your personal assistant will be delighted with your newfound skills in digging up the back yard!

    Cute bikers! 🙂

  8. Part-time work is great, with everybody getting what they need.
    At first I thought you were the biker, when I saw the tattoo on your neck, and I wondered how this story was going to play out.

  9. So, Checkers, will your PA be buying you the Rescue Ink doggie t-shirt for Christmas? I want one. And the Rescue Ink bowl, too!

  10. hello checkers its dennis the vizsla dog hay my sister trixie yoozd to like to dig holes and then lie in them but she duznt do it so much ennymore now she just lies on the cool tile inside the howse i gess she is getting lazy in her old age ha ha ok bye

  11. Bikers are very good mens… I`m not surprised but …
    Its nice to see.

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