Posted by: Checkers | August 11, 2008


Over…the drawing table with artwork in process…


Under…the Muse!



  1. You look so deep in thought Checkers

  2. corgi muses are the best! inspirational and always hungry, they keep the artist alert and happy.

  3. Ahh yes…you are the ‘omnipresent’ Muse…and you are very a-muse-ing…a bonus!

  4. Looks like you’ve seen a ghost!

  5. Checkers, your newest picture looks like you were caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing… like chasing the cat! LOL. Love, (cousin?) Bingo.

  6. That strange stare is hypnotic.

  7. “Not to rush you, Dad, but… IgottagoIgottagoIgottagoIgottagoIgottago…”

  8. …with a look of shock and disbelief !

  9. Who can think about art? The Olympics are still on!

  10. Boo!

  11. Eek!

  12. “I swear, it wasn’t me!”

  13. “I did NOT eat that kitty roca! Nosireejimbob I did not!”

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