Posted by: Checkers | August 9, 2008

Sat. AM Checklist

Awake? Check.

Ears up? Check.

Personal assistant’s wife lets me out to do business? Check.

Fed? Check.

Wait for personal assistant to wake up? Check.

Outside again? Check.

Personal assistant awake and outside? Check.

Wag wag wag wag wag wag wag wag? Check.

Allow vigorous belly rubs and chest scratches? Check.

Fake fight with Nash and Scruff? Check.

All’s right with the world? Check!



  1. And it sounds like a wonderful doggy world!

  2. Read CW-blog? Check!

  3. Sounds a bit like my day thus far except for the belly rub. Still waiting for that bit…

  4. Beats my Saturday … grocery shopping, move cactus around, mow the lawn once the sun goes down a little …

  5. a very productive morning. glad you fit all the wagging in! that’s priority. that and snacks.

  6. you fogot the most important part! ham smmich or other treat of choice!

  7. … All systems GO!

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