Posted by: Checkers | August 5, 2008

Tabletop Cardigan

I couldn’t think of anything interesting to post about this morning. So I go to my personal assistant to see if he has any ideas. He says, “I think I’ve got something.” Here’s what he came up with:


And I thought I had no good ideas!



  1. You do look bored with you p.a.’s idea. 🙂

  2. 1. his desk is SO clean!
    2. no need for a mouse pad when you have a desktop cardigan.
    3. you’re so good to humor him. i hope he gave you a nice cookie.
    4. tell him to lift from the knees.

  3. goodbear:

    1. you should see the junk he dumped on the floor;
    2. the mouse does feel great up and down my back;
    3. I got some potato chips and banana bread;
    4. he did-I am nearly 37 lbs!

  4. Gina: the things I do to keep him happy…

  5. Potato chips? That’s it? Lilac says it’s worth a ham sandwich at least!

  6. She’s right, Kim! I’m gonna tell him…

  7. Wow! Desktop dog! I think it is very becoming, and those chips sound pretty good too! Do you share?

  8. I think,
    Therefore I am,

  9. It just goes to prove you write your own blog.

    You can say you are on top of it.

  10. Did you like the view up there? Can you see over the fence?

  11. I’m guessing you’re a Mac — I recognize the quick start from the sleep mode.

  12. Checkers = Better than a swifter!

  13. lavenderbay, how did you know I was a Mac? Sleep mode is one of my favorite features!

  14. 37 pounds! You weigh as much as Tucker!

  15. Big bones, Mr. j!

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