Posted by: Checkers | July 21, 2008

Race Weekend Over, Gates Today

Well, my personal assistant and his wife endured blazing sun punctuated by two torrential downpours at the racetrack yesterday. He said he had a blast but looked totally tuckered out. He took over 200 pictures at the track! Here are just a few of his favorites:

Indy cars in morning practice driving through “The Keyhole.” What keyhole?

Will Power in the Aussie Vineyards car. Who names their kid “Will Power?”

Danica Patrick in the Motorola car. Does she use a hands-free cellphone when she drives?

Justin Wilson, the driver my p.a. rooted for. Gives fast food a new meaning. I bet he does drive-through.

Rain during the Indy Lights race start. Do they have windshield wipers on their helmets?

All in all he saw six races plus qualifying and practice sessions this weekend. What did he do when he got home? He loved us dogs up something fierce, got a diet Coke and watched the German Grand Prix on Tivo. Racing to him must be like ham sandwiches to me. Except I don’t watch the sandwiches-I eat them!


Today the fence guys come back to install the gates on the fence and it’s all done. The gates will probably look better than the garbage cans we used this weekend.

Everyone have a super week!



  1. are there dogs in any of those cars?
    glad everyone had fun!
    i notice there wasn’t anyone driving a snausages car…

  2. zoom zoom! Isn’t it great when the PA comes home happy! Enjoy yard freedom.

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Power did a better job naming their kid “William” than Mr. and Mrs. Trickle did naming their kid “Richard” …

  4. Wish I’d have been there! I haven’t watched the tape yet though.

    Dogs would hate the noise, but there are always a bunch of (over-priced) food vendors though and many people who would probably share their snacks!

  5. Very cool! 🙂

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