Posted by: Checkers | July 18, 2008

Carpenter Bee?

My personal assistant took this picture the other evening in our garden. This is a shout out to my friend goodbear, who is into all things bee related and had recently run into a bit of a bee problem.

I think it’s a carpenter bee. Say, maybe he could help the workers when they come to build the fence here today!



  1. checkers, it looks like a bumblebee of sorts. the coolest kind of bee.

  2. and…beautiful picture!

  3. We used to have carpenter bees that would drill very neat holes in the logs of our house back in New York. But at least they didn’t sting!

  4. I was hoping YOU took the photo, Checkers! I was going to ask how you did it. Would you use your toes? Your magnificent snout? Do you have a prehensile tail, which would be awesome. Or do you have a way of using that special tongue-thing without slobbering on the camera? I am somewhat disappointed to find your P.A. took the pic. *sigh* It is, however, an excellent shot but I recommend staying far away from creatures with wings and stingers! Can’t trust that lot!

  5. It’s a bumblebee…and a very cute one at that. Great picture. It’s like one of those nice nature photos I love to see on magazine covers =)

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