Posted by: Checkers | July 14, 2008

Jacket Photo/Bastille Day

Do you think any of these pictures taken yesterday would work as a book jacket photo if I ever get published?

Oh, yes, Happy Bastille Day. Vive la Revolution Française, vive la France, vive la nourriture pour chiens! (I wonder if any dogs were liberated from the Bastille?)



  1. I would say use the first picture for a serious dramatic Pulitzer-Prize-bait book, the second one for a book of comic essays, and the third one for a horror novel.

  2. if? more like WHEN you’re published!
    we’re very excited to read more of your work. since you’re a corgi….will it be a selection of SHORT stories?

  3. goodbear and jamesviscosi, you are both very funny!

  4. I like #2 for the deep intelligent writer of a very serious book!

  5. You look especially literate in the first photo. V nice.

    Dogs were the liberators. They still are! Viva la France!

  6. You look quite hansome in the first photo so if you publish a serious tome i sugest the first. However if you publish a book about the essential you I say go with the second. Nothing says “Checkers” like the tongur thing!

  7. tongue not tongur

  8. Except that you’re out of focus, I prefer the third photo. Of course your book will be a work of art, a comic anthology, and a classic, and there you are posed with the greats: the Impressionists, Tyndale, Lewis Carroll, and Maurice Sendak! You are obviously a wide and deep reader, Checkers.

  9. I especially like your listening, laughing face in the third photo. It shows a cardigan welsh corgi who really gets into the deep and witty conversations that learned book dogs have.

  10. Thanks Alyson-here’s me in the third picture:

    “You mean the butler did it?!!!

  11. PS No dogs were liberated from the Bastille. The Bastille was a prison, and dogs have always had unimpeachable behaviour.

  12. That’s SO you 🙂

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