Posted by: Checkers | June 26, 2008

Down the Rabbit, er, Chipmunk Hole

Here is Nash’s favorite chipmunk hole, up the street in a neighbor’s yard:


He checks it every time we go on a walk.

His snout is perfect fit. He goes in up to his eyeballs. I hope he never gets nipped!



  1. i love that he has a “favorite” chipmunk hole. like there should be a zagat’s guide that rates chipmunk holes.

    this one: the location is great, the grass is soft under the paws, it is in the open so a dog can get excited about it way up the street, and a muzzle fits perfectly.

  2. hello nash its dennis the vizsla dog hay let me no if you spot the gofer broke down that hole i heer the gofers sold it sum chipmunks to get beer munny ok bye

  3. I’m soooo tempted to say something dirty but I won’t. *laughing*

  4. Watch out for them gophers…they’re scairry! I know!

  5. A dog has to do what a dog has to do.

  6. My only knowledge of chipmunks is Chip & Dale…I hope your PA posts a photo of one one day. I didn’t even know they lived in the ground!

  7. Everybody sing along with Mac Davis! “You gotta stop — and smell the chipmunk holes! You gotta count your many blessings every day, yeah!”

  8. Love goodbear’s response-lol! Checkers-just don’t step in the hole-ouch!

  9. Your dog looks very funny in an adorable way. I like his ears!

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