Posted by: Checkers | June 23, 2008

Argyle Flower Riot Contemplative Daisy Devil Sky Basketball Day

Here’s some Monday snapshots. A visual dear diary I guess.


My personal assistant wore purple argyle socks.


There was a flower riot in the front yard.


Nash was in a wistful, contemplative mood.


A lone shasta daisy beamed.


A devil sky made a scary visit.


And I played basketball!



  1. I just love your visual dear diary entry today! I especially love your p.a.’s shoes! You sure are a good basketball player!

  2. nash looks so sweet and you look so sporting. you had a very good day.

    it kind of looks like you were sassing off to the ref!

  3. You know, I am surprised he didn’t T me up! It was a 3 pointer-I did not have my paw on the line!!!

  4. The flowers look as though they’ve been benefiting from all the recent thundershowers.

  5. Ooo…pretty clouds. And snazzy purple argyle socks!

  6. I love the last picture. Checkers you are so cuttteee.

  7. Backwards … eyes closed … 40 feet away … kick the ball with back foot … nothing but net.

  8. Derek Rose watch out!

  9. Hey Checkers! I have something for ya at my place:
    Tree of Happiness Award!

  10. Looks like you had a good day – purple argyle socks are good for chewing we think.

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