Posted by: Checkers | June 14, 2008

Meet My Personal Assistant

I want to introduce you to my personal assistant. The person behind the dog, so to speak:

What would us dogs do without our personal assistants? They feed us, pet us, walk us, play with us, love us. Anyone who picks up my poop twice a day is someone special!

Here are some facts about him:

1. He likes crazy socks.

2. He is an artist who paints pictures that don’t look like anything real. Weird.

3. He likes to garden.

4. He drinks way too much diet Coke.

5. Favorite author-Proust.

6. Favorite sport-auto racing.

I am posting about him because he’s leaving me today to go to his mom’s house to buy her a new air conditioner. She lives about an hour or so away by car. I think that’s like 900 miles. I want to go but he won’t leave me in the car while he goes shopping, so I stay home. I will miss him!

Come back soon, ok?!!!



  1. Auto racing? Nine hundred miles an hour? Sounds about right.
    But how did you manage to climb to the top of the bookshelf?

  2. My Dad is a Diet Pepsi and Nascar fan! Has your p.a. shown any of his paintings here? I will have to snoop around! So what will you get into while he is gone?

  3. first of all, checkers you are such a sweet dog! look at that face!
    secondly, i think it’s really great your p.a. is taking care of his mother’s climate control needs. next, his pictures are really great, and it was nice of you to promote his art for him a few months ago.
    and lastly, “unusual socks” is a great post topic. i will post mine in a few minutes…

    nice chili peppers, by the way.

  4. Yes, I think we need a close up photo of those socks. (Says the woman who likes slightly funky sneakers.) 🙂

  5. Nice to finally see PART of your P.A. Checkers. My brother likes NASCAR. I usually watch it with him on Sunday’s. Happy Father’s Day to your P.A. Checkers.

  6. You know, Checkers, that description of your personal assistant could almost be me! 🙂

  7. Love those socks!!!!

  8. I love diet coke. Have you ever tried Coke Zero? I liked it.

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