Posted by: Checkers | June 10, 2008

Buddha Boy

My personal assistant likes buddhas and bodhisattvas around the house; they calm him I think. Guess where the foot in the garden came from…



  1. you ever hear about how they find the reincarnation of the holy men? putting the items out on and the child selects the glasses or something of the dalai lama?

    what if i put a bunch of dog toys down on a blanket….and checkers, what if you chose the right dog toy??? you could be the reincarnation of the doggie lama!

  2. Doggie Lama! I like that! You know I would choose the rabbit-eared chicken, right?

  3. Now I see where the foot came from. 🙂
    Your tongue is cute there.

  4. I like the tongue, too.

  5. I’m not sure but having a dis-embodied Buddha foot in the garden MAY be bad karma. I like the Doggie Lama as well. Brilliant!

  6. You look very much like how I feel at Power Yoga.

  7. So much for the Buddhist virtue of awareness! I didn’t see that the one statue was broken until I read your final question.

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