Posted by: Checkers | June 9, 2008

Jardin des folies

Whew. Another hot one. Into the 90’sF today.

I thought you might enjoy some unusual views of my personal assistant’s garden. He’s an unconventional gardener. He cuts precise flower beds, but then likes things to grow crazy wild in them. Within that wildness, he likes to set up little things the French might call folies. Whims, absurdities, silliness, if you will. Here I am with one he did this weekend:

See that circle beside me? He carefully cut that bed, planted a blue fescue, and…

placed a bohisattva’s foot and knee and a pine cone there.


Over in another bed, a wi-fi buddha quietly writes code:

I can’t quite see what he’s working on; maybe he’s tech support at WordPress.


The garden isn’t all peace and fun. Danger lurks where you least expect it!

This is Albert. He really isn’t mean, but I think the chipmunks give him a lot of room!


So that’s my little tour. I’ll leave you with these flowers in our front yard. Some sort of dianthus, I think. I call them purple brain flowers. Have a great week!



  1. what a great post checkers! i love your personal assistant’s garden. where ever did he find a wi-fi buddha?
    and very funny that you think he works for wordpress.
    it makes me want to work on my garden!

  2. Lovely garden!

    I don’t have a green thumb, a pink one or even a brown one. I have a black thumb. I am the grim reaper of plants. I have absolutly no knack at it. I kill it all. Even the supposedly unkillable “lucky bamboo”.

  3. […] coyote pupster! who’s got a buddha? June 9, 2008, 5:11 pm Filed under: photography | Tags: buddha, jump drive, silliness, soap, work in response to checkers and his garden update: […]

  4. I like the foiles in your lovely garden. Makes the lot more interesting, n’est pas?

  5. I like the unexpected every now and then. Lovely and very clever!

  6. I like how the lamb’s ears resemble a multi-headed naga.

  7. Given the Buddha’s beatific expression, I don’t think he works in tech support. Maybe he’s stealing credit card numbers or something.

  8. […] Goodbear asked everyone to post Buddha pictures, because of our other good friend Checkers’s Wi-Fi Buddha post, which evidently got everyone into a Zen mindset.  To that end, here are the three Buddhas […]

  9. identity theft!? shame on you. he’s the buddha. perhaps he’s making online donations to a non-profit or commenting under an alias on checkers world!

  10. How about this: the wi-fi buddha is really a squeaker toy! I am sure cody bear would love him.

  11. Mom says that your personal assistant’s garden is wonderful!

  12. You’re right, what was I thinking? The Buddha would never steal credit card numbers. He’s probably composing an e-mail to Richard Gere.

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