Posted by: Checkers | May 27, 2008

Flat, Flat and Flat

Flat, flat…

and flat!

I am having a super awesome Monday Tuesday! I hope you are too.



  1. It looks like you are Checkers. Are you trying to make our Mond….uh Tuesday better with your tongue thing?

  2. It looks like there’s been a hopscotch incident!

  3. oh my, you’re very flat! it looks fun… and makes me want to lie flat on my office floor!
    that would start the week out right…

  4. Checkers! Have you been run over by a steamroller?

    Your head is still sticking out!

    It looks as if you’re very hot my poor darling!

  5. I have gotten cooled off that way myself. Nothing quite like cool floor tiles to do the trick!

  6. Checkers on checks – Ohno! Where did you go??

  7. When my pugs do that we call it “PUG RUG-ING” it. They usually do it splayed over the a/c vents in the floor. *laugh*

  8. you’re so cute when you’re flat. I once had a minature bull terrier who always did the flat thing, Missy-Moo doesn’t do Flat she just lies upside down on her back in her please rub my tummy pose

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