Posted by: Checkers | May 26, 2008


Nash was watching with envy through the front door as I had some one-on-one time with my owner today.

Wow, that door is a mess. Wonder how that happened?!



  1. oh man, he looks so sad!
    and yes, i have a window that looks like that!
    nose prints of joy!

  2. hello checkers its dennis the vizsla dog hay owr frunt windo luks the eksact same way i think it must be defektiv glass or sumthing ok bye

  3. Yeah our front door looks like that sometimes…gophers must do it.

    Nash looks sad. 😦

  4. My back car window looks like that ‘cos of Missy-Moo snotty dog nose marks

  5. Crikey, I thought you were at MY house for a second!

  6. Yes, só familiar!
    you should see the back of my convertible which has been taken over by Zora!

    And Checkers, sweety, you’ve been tagged! Check out my latest post!

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