Posted by: Checkers | May 22, 2008

Plush Patrol

Every morning, after having breakfast, Nash and I grab a toy and growl while trotting around the house. It’s how we assert our authority to all in the household. I always get my plush gold bullion brick. Nash went for the nylon and rope fish today.

My routine is to exclusively trot by my owner as I growl. First one direction…

Then the other…Note how I ratchet up the intensity by maintaining eye contact…

And then I stand in front of him, growl, wag my tail, and present my plushie.

It cracks my owner up. He just laughs and laughs. A good way to start the day!



  1. Cracked me up too. What a funny fellow! Does your owner try to take the plushie away from you? You’re probably too smart for that!

  2. No, he’s too busy laughing!

  3. what a great morning ritual! no wonder you’re so happy all the time.

    cody bear’s ritual is similar: he grabs his rubber chicken and runs h.o.p. through the yard. at top speed!

  4. That’s very cute! Checkers, if you’re into bullion, you might like to meet my friend Auric Goldfinger …

  5. hahaha Checkers, that is so funny. I see why your owner laughs at you. You are adorable. Tell your owner to try to get video please. 🙂

  6. What a great comic to read before rushing off to work!

  7. You’ve got great FEIRCE EYES, checkers. You could’ve been a super model.

  8. I personally think you look quite fearsome!

  9. AAAAgreed…an excellent way to start the day and have a hack start with a laugh instead of a cough 🙂

  10. Checkers! You look so scary!!!
    Me and Zora have a sundaymorning ritual. She jumps on my bed and we sing the morning-song. Acapella.
    The neighbours have assured me it’s quite a unique experience.

  11. Maybe your owner should quake in fear instead of laugh when you look at him like that. What do you think?

  12. Very intimidating stare in the third picture. hehe

  13. Hi Son,

    This ritual is one you got from me. That is exactly what I do each morning (and sometimes at night). You are definitely your mother’s son.


    MommaDog Princess

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