Posted by: Checkers | May 20, 2008

Short Walk

First off, thanks to everyone who got into the spirit of my super silly post yesterday. Who knew pushing the shift and option button on the keyboard could be so fun! I loved your comments.

Today I went for a short walk sans Nash and Scruff.

Wonder where we are going?

Oh, the park. It’s only a block from our house. The thing is, as you can see by the sign, no dogs allowed. There is a dog park in our town, but we don’t visit it. Recently, a Jack Russell got torn up pretty bad by a couple of pit bulls there. Being on a leash is a good thing.

Headed home. This was only a poop walk, and I did my business promptly as usual.

One last chance to pee on the plants in my front yard.

The daisies are ready to bloom. And the lambs’ ears and yarrow are doing very well.



  1. yes, dog parks are rough. we don’t go. too scary.
    i love lambs ears, the plant kind and also…ears on little baby ears.

    so, i don’t think we have any parks where dogs aren’t allowed in our town…

  2. why not move over to me? Here you can go wherever you want to go!

    You look so regal on the second photo! 🙂

  3. Oh Checkers, I’m so glad your owner kept you away from the threat of the pit bulls. They are not dogs like you…their owners can sometimes make them mean.
    Your owner’s yard is so pretty. Our neighbor across the street has daisies I enjoy looking watching bloom.

  4. hello checkers its dennis the vizsla dog man nobody duz withering luks as gud as yoo do not even trouble the kitty and she’s a kitty so yoo no how they ar ok bye

  5. Aafke, I am really tempted and I know I would have a wonderful life with you, but I do like my owner so, he’s a real idiot in the best sense of that word and he gets my silliness. We are quite the pair.

  6. goodbear, all the parks in our town are dog free except for the dog park. Makes for less poop to step in while at the park, though I think the canadian geese make up for it!

  7. Thanks from my owner for the nice comments about the yard. He loves to garden, we love to pee on it!

  8. dennis-I am sure truble the kitty is named trouble for one reason only-trouble! Am I right? Thanks for the thumbs, I mean paws up on my withering look!

  9. NOBODY has the output potential of a canadian goose. they mess up the golf courses so badly!

    well checkers, stay safe and have a nice day!

  10. Hey, goodbear, do you play golf?

  11. i used to play. or…i used to try to play, rather. i was SO bad at it…but it was fun!

  12. Uh… guys, they’re Canada Geese, not Canadian geese… you make it sound like our native birds are all rotten tourists. That said, a lot of us on this side of the border agree that the honkers have ‘WAY too much privilege.

    I like the heritage flowers in your bathroom, Checkers!

  13. Thanks for the correction, lavenderbay! And my owner thanks you for appreciating my floral bathroom.

  14. goodbear, my owner tells me he has played golf 4 times in his life. Each time he nearly died laughing he was so bad. He says, “Ball too small, clubs too long!”

  15. that sounds right. i keep score with smiley faces and frowny faces. if i have at least one nice shot, i get a smiley face.

    mostly its fun humiliating yourself, spending a few hours with a friend or the family and enjoying the outdoors!

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