Posted by: Checkers | May 17, 2008

The Shedding Life

Wow, I gotta tell you, I don’t like getting brushed. There’s something about having to sit or lie still for more than 30 seconds that gets me a little panicky. I usually run when I see the shedding blade, but my owner was real sneaky this morning and had it in his back pocket. So here’s the damage:

This is what he got furwise after three minutes of brushing. Glad that’s over! Shedding season is pretty much year-round for us corgis, but in the spring we really turn it up a notch. I would rather my owner would let the fur fall out naturally. Maybe he would only have to vacuum three or four times a day (note vacuum cleaner in background, plugged in and ready to go). A small price to pay to live in the glow of Cardiganness!



  1. What a nice lot of undercoat, Checkers. Looks like you blew it! (Cai doesn’t blow his undercoat because he doesn’t have one, but I expect to see Fergus looking like a popped cattail next Spring. )

  2. “Maybe if I roll around in it, it will stick back on …”

  3. It does get like popped cattails, especially on my back legs. What a great way to describe it! I do love that expression, “blow out your coat.” Like if I sneezed really hard, my undercoat would explode and cover the entire house!

  4. cody blows coat a couple times a year. but he doesn’t mind being brushed. we do it every few days and he sleeps the whole time.
    he doesn’t know what cat tails are…but thinks they sound delicious!

  5. Checkers, that is a lot of shedding.

  6. Wow! Look at that! Just think how nice it would be if you could drop all that whenever you wanted to.

  7. Dalmatians shed a ton too! My Dad would come over and vacuum Patch-he would let him too-lol! We always brushed Patch outside and clouds of hair would blow everywhere.

  8. That’s enough fur to make another dog! Perhaps you could make a doppleganger so you could sneak out sometimes!

  9. Wow, that’s more than pug hair!

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