Posted by: Checkers | May 13, 2008

The Quest

I’m out in the front yard looking for something smelly to roll in while my owner does his gardening.



Nothing worthy so far. The Quest continues!



  1. You DO know, don’t you, that owners don’t appreciate smelly, furry, friends? My dog used to roll on dead animals. Truly nauseating stuff, that!

  2. you have a pretty yard. does rolling in the ordinary grass just not do it for ya?

    good luck on your quest!

  3. S. Le: no dead animals in the yard, unfortunately. Just looking for a rabbit raisin or earthworm.

    goodbear: Thanks about the yard. My owner uses no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. So lots of dandelions and other weeds. He nurtures his dandelions so he can harvest them for the bunnies!

    I finally found some earthworms!

  4. i love dandelions. how are the buns anyway? you should post a picture of them and your alternative lifestyle birds again…
    we like them.

  5. Corgi Cop is staking out the joint…

  6. Checkers,
    I’m glad you don’t roll in cat poo like Tuffy does occasionally. You’d think he’d learn. He always gets a bath the second he does it.

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