Posted by: Checkers | May 6, 2008

Please, I Beg of You!

My owner is teaching me to sit up and beg. I am kinda getting the hang of it. This morning we went on the deck with a slice of whole wheat bread. At first I was so excited I couldn’t stop spinning around in circles. Then I used my cardigan mental focus and got down to work.


Careful…oops, my butt is not on the ground!


Got it! Happy day!


Butt firmly on ground…wait for it…





  1. That strangely intense and hypnotic corgi stare makes me want to give Checkers a ham sandwich …

  2. I’ll definitely keep my butt on the ground for a ham sandwich!

  3. nice work checkers! cody practiices his tricks with….wait for it…..CHEESE!

    sometimes turkey dog bits and sometimes sauteed chicken breasts.

  4. Hahahaha LOL Those eyes!! James is right…intense and hypnotic stare. hehehe Thanks again for my laugh of the day. He is such a character.

  5. That third pic makes you look like you may leap up to grab it!

  6. Breakfast on the patio, how nice.

  7. Who says corgis are food driven? Who? I ask you.

  8. You are very good Checkers, I bet your family is very proud of you. I don’t like to beg, I just demand what I want!

  9. Checkers, I wish I had your intense concentration skills when I went through college!

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