Posted by: Checkers | May 4, 2008

Bad Photography Weekend



  1. what do you mean? they’re great shots of the grass and the deck. no one ever shows us what their deck boards look like!

  2. My owner likes to take pictures without looking through the viewfinder. I think his bad to good photo ratio is about 30,000:1!

  3. I like mulch. Actually these photos are what my head felt like this weekend.

  4. I changed the title of this post because it sounded like I had a bad weekend. The weekend was good, just the photography was bad!

  5. Did you go back and get that four-leaf clover that’s showing in the second photo, or are you gonna wait and see if it grows into a ham sandwich bush?

  6. A ham sandwich bush????!!!!!

  7. we all have photo days like that…

  8. Nice shots! lol!

  9. The tail’s my favorite!

  10. The tail is mine too! Show’s I am alert and on the job.

  11. Loving the tail picture.

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