Posted by: Checkers | April 29, 2008

Thoughts Thinking Thoughts of Thoughts Thinking

I am still thinking thoughts like I was yesterday, but now I have photos to show you how hard I am thinking. My thought today is: Does smiling make you happy or does being happy make you smile?

Applying maximum cardigan brain power…

Wow, that’s almost a conundrum. A brain teaser. A double flip-back thought…I’ve almost got it…darn, it’s gone! Wait…it’s back again…

The answer is both!

Parting thought: Isn’t it funny that people smile with their faces and dogs smile with their tails?



  1. maneiro seu cachorrinho.. =D

  2. checkers! those are gorgeous pictures of you! you’re beautiful AND brainy!

    i think we’re going to post some horoscopes later today…

  3. Checkers,
    Your face is so expressive. The questions go perfectly with your expression in each picture. Seeing you makes me happy. I can’t help but smile, actually laugh, when I see you.

  4. Horoscopes! Yes! Now I will know what will happen to me today! Thanks for saying such nice things about me, goodbear. I am always so happy when you visit me.

    Gina, I am so glad I make you happy. I think my ear spacing has something to do with it.

  5. i so agree with gina! i make my friends and family visit checkers every day, too, and they are cheered by the blog! the pictures and the commentary.

  6. Such wisdom from one with such short legs.

  7. Such wisdom from one with such short legs.

    This proves the theory that wisdom is not found in our legs.

  8. Another brilliant photo comic!

  9. You are a great thinker, Checkers! I loved the pictures of you thinking.

  10. Checkers, I can’t get enough of your pictures and captions! I love you!

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