Posted by: Checkers | April 28, 2008

Why Don’t I Bark All the Time?

Why don’t I bark all the time? Sometimes I bark, and then I don’t. I will occasionally howl. Why don’t I do that more? Do I need more wolf dna or something?



  1. Tuffy only howls when he’s upset. Maybe that’s why you don’t howl more…you’re not upset that often.

  2. Some Corgis howl, Checkers, and some don’t. We took Cai on a wolf howl last summer, but even a dozen humans making like Wolfman Jack at a football game couldn’t induce him to do more than bark.
    As for barking — ???. My “Cardiganese” piece the other day focussed on Cai’s body movements; I’m still having a hard time with much of the oral language component.

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