Posted by: Checkers | April 22, 2008

Classic Spring Parfum – Earthworm No. 5

What a lovely day! When the weather is this warm and sunny, I like to go out in the backyard and roll in smelly stuff. My favorite things to roll in are earthworms and rabbit raisins. I just use my nose…

Ahh, there’s one!

Right on my shoulders…

Oooh, that’s nice!


One more rub…one more…a little to the right…

Oh,my goodness, that’s fantastic!!!



  1. Checkers,

    Oh I love to roll in sweet smelling stuff too. I love it when the eagles leave fish on the river bank. They smell wonderful and I roll forever in them. I can’t wait for summer I have heard that carp sometimes wash up on the shore line!


  2. “yeah baby!”
    that is some nice rolling action! you can’t bottle that scent. the world isn’t ready for such a classic fragrance…

  3. You know how to enjoy life!!!

  4. Usually we can’t see anything that Cai is luxuriantly rolling in. I never thought of earthworms. Maybe he’s rolling in earthworms wearing fatigues.

  5. Ah yeah I bet that sure feels good.
    Missy-Moo rolled in fresh cow poo once at the farm where her grandparents live & she had to be wrapped in an old towel for the trip home so she wouldn’t get the carseat all pooey

  6. Checker, I’m glad that’s all you like to rub in. We have a doggie door and Tuffy likes to rub his neck (always his neck) in cat poo about once a month or so. He has to immediately come in and get a bath. You’d think he’d learn.

  7. I just noticed you do your tongue thing while you roll around. hehe

  8. And the cool thing about the rabbit raisins is that they massage as they perfume – I imagine. I have never actually tried it myself. Not even accidentally under my bare feet. Never.

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