Posted by: Checkers | April 20, 2008


We got ambushed yesterday by three labs up the street when we walked by their house. They come running at us down the driveway. We are on the sidewalk. My owner struggled to keep Nash away from them because he wants to fight. My owner yells at the dogs to back off as they surround us; their owner comes out of the house and starts yelling at my owner. We were on leashes, his were outside, no fence, no leashes, with no one watching them. It was all kinda scary. I think my owner is still freaked out by what happened. He was attacked by a dog when he was a kid and dogs charging at him even now upsets him.

To make him feel better, I had him post this picture of me during a visit to the hospice office he volunteers out of. I was only 7 months old!



  1. scary checkers!
    that is the worst. cody bear and i HATE being charged by dogs off leash. he has been hurt badly before, so now if he sees dogs off leash on the street he freaks out,….maybe even worse than your owner, but i don’t know…
    that is so great that you guys volunteer at hospice. its VERY IMPORTANT! and…as always, you’re hell-a-cute!

    sorry about the ambush. how about another road trip to cheer you and your owner up? cody bear will pick you and afro ken up tomorrow morning. he has something verrrry special planned for you. he had to pull ALOT of strings. not the tug toy kind either. serious strings. called in some favors for this one….

  2. Hi Checkers,

    I really like your blog. You are such a darling!

    Tell your owner I can sympathize with his being freaked out by the incident. Being charged by dogs while trying to walk three of your own would be scary even without the childhood trauma.

    My dog Oliver and I have never been charged like that on a walk, but once we walked by a house where some dogs were going crazy behind a fence and the owner came out and called us “assholes” for daring to walk down the street next to his house and cause his dogs frustration.

    I try to tell myself that people like these who yell at others when it is actually their dogs who are misbehaving are probably just upset and themselves and their dogs and misdirecting that anger. But it is hard to be that rational when someone is yelling at you.

    Anyway, I hope that you and your pack are recovering from the trauma and manage to avoid those dogs in the future.

  3. I’ll tell Afro Ken to be ready. I am so excited! I can’t imagine what you have in store for us, but I know it will be great. Especially if you are pulling lots of strings! Gotta be super!!!

  4. Thanks, lfields, I am glad you like the blog. Come by and visit anytime. I think you are right, it’s misdirected anger. But no fun when you are on the receiving end! I am having a better day today, thanks. I am going for an evening walk now. We’ll avoid that house for sure.

  5. Stupid owners to yell at you for the misbehaviour of their dogs!
    What an adventure!

    Because Zora is an alsatian we always get blamed for any little fracas! I make sure now l’m first in complaining how their chihuahua was attacking my German Shepard!
    That makes the other humans laugh!

    You know: Zora is very friendly to small dogs, children and cats!

    And you are über-cute on the photo!
    As always! Sigh.
    There should be a calendar with Checkers-pin-ups!

  6. Well, Checkers, you got your math right this time:(3 dogs X large) + 0 training + 0 fencing + 0 tethering + 0 supervision + 0 apology = 0 brains.
    Hope everyone’s feeling better. Wags and purrs going out to you!

  7. Nothing worse than agro dogs on the loose & the owners always carry on as though their dogs did nothing & the person with the dog on the leash is somehow in the wrong. I kinda feel sorry for badly behaved dogs ‘cos it’s not really their fault that their owners haven’t brought them up right. It’s just a case of too many stupid people in this world.

  8. Good boy! Good, good, boy! Sorry you had a bad experience. Some people are worse than their pets.

  9. That sounds scary Checkers. But the mean human is the worse of all. You were such a cute baby. You still had that intense look then and were a little slimmer. sshhh

  10. Some people need a good bite in the pants! I also know that gut churning feeling, just reading your story got my hackles up. I think your owner should have some chocolate to make him feel better…or maybe I shall have some for him. Or both 🙂 .

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