Posted by: Checkers | April 18, 2008




  1. this is looking like something that cody bear does called H.O.P. (hell on paws)

  2. You may have short legs, Checkers, but you certainly fly.

    FLY LIKE THE WIND, Checkers!!!

  3. Running really fast there mate!

  4. Checkers, as cute as Sparky is, you are even cuter, especially when you’re “on the fly”. I just posted a video with pics of Sparky running amok just like you like to do. 🙂

  5. Those short, fat legs can fly Checkers. You’re even levitating, I think.

  6. I like the sound of H.O.P.! I was burnin’ rubber and doing donuts all over the front yard!

  7. You are faster than a speeding bullet. I bet you can leap over tall buildings with a single bound, too!

  8. Oh you’re so CUTE!!!!
    you should have a licence for conducting low flights!

    Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    It’s SUPER-CHECKERS!!!!!!!!

  9. I love that determined look in your eyes!

  10. The other day you & your buddies were Huskies now your a Greyhound, a faster than lightning, can’t catch me, faster than a speeding bullet, speeding blur on paws greyhound.
    Or just a little guy havin’ fun 🙂
    P.S. I have launched a fun activity for all my blog buddies toshare in if your interested

  11. hello checkers its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo ar ever heer in oshunside maybe yoo can come by and i can chase you arownd a littel you can help me run over my brother tucker the other vizsla dog its a lot of fun ok bye

  12. Oh yeah, Checkers, you were frappin’ all right! (= Frenetic Random Activity Period). I guess in Cody Country they call it HOPpin’. There’s supposta be a regional difference between who uses “pail” or “bucket” too, but I haven’t noticed one preference or the other around here. The important thing is not to frap into any buckets while you’re HOPping around the pails.

  13. That sounds like loads of fun, dennis! You’re on.

    You live on the side of an ocean? How cool is that?!

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