Posted by: Checkers | April 15, 2008

Clothes Make the Dog…Or Not!

Clothing on humans is endlessly fascinating to me. I keep thinking, “Why do they wear them? How do they choose what things to wear?” Clothes are a big deal to humans, but not so for dogs. I wanted to know what all the fuss is about, so I asked my owner to help me try on some people clothes. I started with a t-shirt:

It is different! It’s funny, when you put on clothes, you immediately worry about the effect it has on your appearance. Like, “Does this t-shirt make my head look too big? Where did my legs go?”

I think it messes with my corgi proportions.

I thought I would try on one more thing. A dress shirt. Maybe it would make me look classier than usual:

Nope. At the least, we’d have to take the sleeves in a bit. My conclusion, after all this fooling around, is that clothes are too much of a bother and would have a detrimental effect on my carefree lifestyle. Who needs it? Think of the laundry. And I can’t even reach the buttons on the washing machine!

So, back to the ease of corginess au naturel…



  1. tired from your experiment? we don’t do dog clothes at our house. but i admit…i’m a sucker for a dog in a bandana.

    for what its worth, you do look exceptionally cute in a t-shirt. but i like your signature, carefree, no attire look the most.

  2. I do look pretty pooped in the last photo. Sort of a “skid row gutter” shot too!

  3. like you should have a 40 oz bottle of corgi 45 in a brown paper bag?

  4. Exactly!

  5. You look positively fab in the T shirt! Really fab!

  6. Thanks, S. Le! I have never been fab before. I like it!

  7. You look very aloof in clother Checkers. 🙂
    Au Naturel is much better.

  8. clothes…not clother ;(

  9. Checkers, you always look cute and adorable, no matter what you wear! Your inimitable nose does come out more in a T-shirt.
    But I do like you best ”au naturelle” which includes the tongue-thing!

  10. I don’t wear clothes! I have some nice scarves, though. Checkers, I once had a good friend, Annie, who is a Welsh Corgi.

    Thank you for visiting me!

  11. I agree with everyone else that you look exhausted after your fitting session, Checkers. I don’t like clothes shopping either. You obviously have excellent fashion sense, though, as evinced by the colour coordination of your T-shirt image and your licence. Maybe you could be a consultant to other dogs?

  12. Checkers…you so silly!

  13. I like the t-shirt look the best, long sleeves don’t do much for you. Of course in the last picture you DO look tuckered out from all that modeling. those bright lights can just sap the energy from you.

  14. The T-Shirt does suit you Checkers, Kinda casual but stylish & trendy at the same time, The dress shirt really isn’t your thing, Corgi legs & long sleeves don’t mix well. Maybe donate it to a Great Dane….
    You don’t look very impressed with our human clothes, I guess fur is all a dog really needs to look good 🙂

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