Posted by: Checkers | April 3, 2008

Land Shark

My owner and I are playing Land Shark today. I am the shark, he is the unsuspecting victim.


“The land shark, ever in motion, cruises for his next meal.”


“He spots his next victim above, who is totally unaware of the danger below.”


“The stealthy predator makes his move.”


“Circling ever faster, his focus is absolute. The moment of attack is NOW!”


Hahahaha! My owner never saw it coming! Wow, that was fun! He’s the best to play Land Shark with!



  1. You look a bit sinister until the last shot with your tongue sticking out as if to say, “Nanner, nanner, nanner… scared you didn’t I?”

  2. furry land shark. swift, stealthy, hungry.

  3. Land shark! Isn’t that an SNL skit? Too funny!

  4. You sure make a scary looking Land Shark.

    Warning to Humans: Don’t go in the water, I mean, Don’t stay outta the water….

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