Posted by: Checkers | March 5, 2008

Ol’ Blue Eyes


If I focus my blue-laser stare of extreme corginess on the kibble container, I can burn a hole in it and all the kibble will pour out! Concentrate…….almost there…….



  1. i love corgis!!!!

  2. Checkers,

    It doesn’t work. Sissy focuses her brown laser stare of extreme Chihuahuaness on her kibble container, my plate, and the treat package and nothing happens. It doesn’t stop her, though.

  3. Checker,
    Are you sure you’re not an actor? HA You’re so photogenic.

  4. If Sissy can’t do it, I’m sure I can’t either! But you gotta try, right!?

  5. way to fill the frame, checkers! and the look is INTENSE! i feel like flying out and handing you one pound of kibble!

  6. Brown or Blue, the Laser Stare does work. Not that we’ve had to replace the kibble bin, but the bickies do come off the fridge, and the indoor toss-toys do get tossed. Maybe it’s a Cardi thing?

  7. It worked on me! I just got up and went to the kitchen and then didn’t know why I was looking for kibble.

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