Posted by: Checkers | February 25, 2008

Shameless Promotion

My owner has been so nice to post my stuff to this blog, I thought I would do something for him. You probably don’t know that he is a painter. He does watercolors. Not landscapes or portraits or the usual stuff you would think a watercolor artist would do. His are odd, silly things that pop right out of his head. Anyway, he has just opened a shop to sell them at It’s called Cardigan Fine Arts. Look for me in his banner. He also has a blog at where he talks about what he is up to art-wise. He would love it if you went to his sites and took a peek! If you want to see his “serious” big paintings (3 x 4 ft.), go here.

He got his business cards for the Etsy shop this weekend. Guess who’s on the front:


He ordered them from, an internet print shop in London that does really cool stuff. They are way silly and fun!

Thanks for putting up with this bit of shameless promotion. I think a might get extra treats for doing this-and some more belly rubs too!



  1. checkers, i’m glad you posted this entry. i had no idea your pack was so talented!
    it won’t surprise you to know that cody bear is on MY business cards, too. dogs SHOULD be on business cards….because …they just should!
    we’ll check out the art!

  2. Checkers,

    What a lucky dog you are. Now you will be world famous with your face all over the Internet. Better keep that head the appropriate size.

    MommaDog Princess

  3. That’s a wonderful card. I think that’s a great idea. I’m talking to mom about that.

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