Posted by: Checkers | February 14, 2008

I Mean Business, Don’t Be Messin’ With Me, Etc.

I took up position this morning in the back yard, smelling and looking for danger so Nash and Scruff could do their business in relative safety. I believe my mere presence scared off all evildoers, as I encountered no trouble.


PS: Yesterday my friend cody bear out-sillied even me. You can see it here. He is quite the character!

PSS: Happy Valentines Day!



  1. my cat wouldn’t set one paw in your yard. you look very vigilant…and your feet look cold.

    hope you get tons of valentine’s day belly rubs!

  2. Checkers, where were you when the squirrels invaded our yard. One look at you and they would run away. Jonesy had to put on his Ninja suit and use the Easy Button to get rid of them.

    I saw Cody Bear being silly. You both are the silliest things I have ever seen.

  3. I could use an Easy Button! Push it and get kibble…

  4. Thanks for the silliness vote of confidence!

  5. You look very alert and serious there Checkers. No silliness today.

  6. Happy Valentines Day, Checkers!

    Maybe you could come and visit my yard – I think between you & Willow, you could scare away all the bunnies that live in the warren next door. Or at least let them know that we mean business!

    If you do come, can you bring some of that snow with you? I love snow!!

  7. You look so handsome next to snow. Really brings out your white parts.


  8. All hail the Checkers, King of the Tundra!

    PS: The Aged has posted
    a valentine for you, Your Majesty.

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