Posted by: Checkers | February 3, 2008

Nash’s World

(I didn’t feel like posting this weekend so I let Nash do a post of his own)


Hey, Nash here. I am Checkers’ boss. I am Alpha Dog. All dogs must obey me. I am master of my house. I am the boss of the neighborhood. If you come to my door I will bark my brains out. I challenge anyone and everyone who crosses my turf. All must submit to my authority. I am the master of nylabones and kongs. I eat first. I get treats first. I get the best nap spots in the house. I am Nash.



  1. nash, your picture is so sweet….you don’t LOOK like a tyrant. i hope you rule the house with a gentle paw.

  2. He’s a tyrant, but a benevolent one. He just talks tough. He’s a blast to play with. I forgot to tell him to tone it down a bit when posting. He’s not big on etiquette.

  3. warn him that the dogosphere can be very unforgiving!
    did i just actually type the dogosphere? that’s night right!

  4. Wow Nash, You have a wonderful self-esteem. An inflated ego Corgi–what a thought.

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