Posted by: Checkers | January 26, 2008

Exhibit A


I did it again. Oh, boy. My owner left his wallet on the coffee table, and this happened. It was too tempting! It didn’t help that he found me carrying it around the house in my mouth, as proud and happy as can be. He didn’t get angry, though I heard him mumbling something like, “…my Coach wallet…” over and over. He was happy that I didn’t destroy his drivers license and credit cards. The money, though is a partial gastrointestinal casualty (note to cody bear: I am suffering no ill effects from eating paper money, but you should nonetheless not copy my behavior). At least for my owner, if he uses the excuse, “My dog ate it,” you should assume that he’s probably telling the truth.



  1. Naughty Checkers. I guess he could taste the beef in the leather. Probably confused it for a rawhide treat. Sorry.

  2. cody bear’s mama rarely has cash…..but the driver’s license would be devistating!

    glad you’re feeling ok checkers and don’t have a case of currency-rhea or money-pation.

  3. Cody Bear, you’re lucky your master is still breathing after you chewed up his Coach wallet. All I can say is you have good taste!! (get it, good taste hahaha)

  4. I was talking to Checkers and rereading what cody bear had to say and wrote in cody bear. Sorry. Mom does that to kids in her class, looks at one kid and says another’s name. She is old, so don’t pay any attention to this mistake.

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