Posted by: Checkers | January 10, 2008

Number Problems

My owner says that my answer wasn’t fair because 36 is not between 1 and 10. How was I to know? Oh…now I see. 3 and 6 are between 1 and 10 but when you put them together they are some other kind of number…wow. I was thinking base ten number system…all numbers must be between 1 and 10…10 minus 3 equals 4…add 6….no, divide by 3…..where’s my calculator!……



  1. Checkers,

    That sounds right to me! Glad I didn’t guess. I would have been confused.

  2. if you have 3 squeaky toys, and you eat the stuffing out of 1 squeaky toy, how many squeaky toys do you have?

    and if you get three meals of kibble a day, and you don’t REMEMBER eating of those meals cuz you’re still hungry, how many more meals of kibble do you get?

  3. First answer: 36. I like the number 36, and maybe it works for this problem.

    Second answer is first a question: does cody bear get three meals of kibble a day? Luk-y!! I think the answer here is four more.

  4. he gets small meals of kibble (since it is hard for him to digest large portions)….and…..this part will kill you….

    a kong full of salmon or chicken or turkey dog food!

    are you drooling yet!

  5. Wow Checkers, you can count!

  6. I think you’re right Checkers, 3 and 6 are between 10. What’s he talking about!

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