Posted by: Checkers | December 18, 2007

Reading Glasses Don’t Work!

I got a Christmas card today! My owner opened it for me and said it was from my mom and dad! I told him I wanted to try to read it myself. I asked if I could borrow his glasses. I have great vision but I can’t really read. I thought the glasses might help me understand words since he always wears them when he reads.


Let’s see….uh………hummmm….Nope, they are no help at all. Still can’t figure words out. My owner read it to me. Wonderful Christmas wishes, love, joy, something about surprises in a stocking (!). It was signed Momma Princess and Daddy Glacier plus Leda and the rest of the Coedwig crew! I love and miss them very much. They are the best!



  1. Checkers, don’t you know glasses are not for reading? They are to make a corgi look very distinguished. Hey, it looks like you are really into this “reading” thing.

  2. Hello Son,

    My, don’t you look distinguished and handsome with those glasses. I bet you could teach at Harvard. I am glad you liked your card. We all miss you too, but know that you are in a wonderful home that makes you so happy.

    Merry Christmas, my little boy, and may the new year bring you lots of treats and long walks.

    MommaDog Princess

  3. what a coincidence checkers! cody got HIS first personal card today, too. actually, it was addressed to: cody bear & family. which technically includes the cat….but,….oh well.

  4. Can cody bear read? I bet he can-he looks so smart. Can you tell me how he learned?

  5. Hi, Checkers. You look very nice in those glasses. Guess what? I got my very first Christmas card ever the other day. I put it in my blog too! It was from my cousin Cowboy.

  6. cody bear can’t read, but he does like to chew envelopes. its more “how does this taste?” as opposed to “oh i wonder how gramma’s doing?”

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