Posted by: Checkers | December 11, 2007

Off-Line But OK

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. My owner was under the weather and took a little break. I also didn’t have anything exciting to report. I am not sure folks want to know that I ate my kibble 21 seconds faster than yesterday (though I did!). It’s a sloppy, rainy day here. Got some new plush toys. What else…I pooped as soon as I went out this morning. My owner always appreciates that. He doesn’t like having to “coax” it out of Nash, whatever that means. I think that means Nash has to walk a lot before he can empty himself!



  1. Checkers,

    I am glad to see that you are back. I missed you. I don’t mind hearing about your new plush toys or when you pooped. I hope your owner is feeling better!

  2. I love reading all your stories, Checkers – even if it’s just about how fast your kibble gets in (and out!) of your body 🙂 Welcome back, kiddo.

  3. Missed you Checkers! Glad you’re back.
    Gina–Tuffy’s Mom

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