Posted by: Checkers | December 5, 2007

Chiara the Huntress

Things were a little slow today, so to liven things up, I decided to sneak down to the basement to see the cats. I was pretty nervous! I actually saw one of them. Her name is Chiara, a Maine Coon cat:


She was regal, mysterious, and , to tell you the truth, a little bit bored with me. Of course I knew to keep my distance; Nash told me she has knives instead of claws on the ends of her toes! He said he got slashed on the nose by Chiara a couple of times. I did not see her brother, Wrigley. He was probably napping. My owner calls her Chiara the Huntress. He says that because of her, you never see mice in the house.



  1. is chiara doing…..paperwork? does she have to report all the mice she kills or something?

    one thing cody bear has learned from his kitty: “don’t ever get to comfortable around them and NEVER turn your back on them.”

  2. Checkers, you are a brave dog! Chiara looks like she can take you on.

  3. Hi Checkers,

    That is one big cat. Don’t you go messing with it now. Cats deserve respect, especially if they have sharp claws.

    Your Dad

  4. Checkers,

    Well I have tried everything. I don’t think your blog likes pictures of your mom and dad. Oh well, you know what we look like.

    Daddy Glacier

  5. I don’t know what’s up with the pictures. I love to see pictures of mom and dad!
    I like the idea of Chiara keeping accounts on her mousing, but she’s just sitting on some old drawings and sketches my owner made. I think he meant to toss them, but they never got in the wastebasket.

  6. Maybe, if you’re nice, the kitty won’t try to add you to it’s paperwork?

    Maines are AWESOME hunters. Most of them have such sharp instincts that you don’t need to teach them anything. Just keep them away from pet rodents. They sometimes have problems figuring out the difference between wild rodents and pets.

  7. I rescued my Maine Coon, Harley, when he was 9 days old. He was left in a pile of scrap metal in a fenced off construction yard behind our apartment, and I heard him howling. I went down with my mom to see what was wrong, and after scooting under the gate, I found him.
    I had him for just a few days, then we gave him to a lady who i helped with cat addoptions, and we found him a foster mom that could give him milk.
    we had no Idea that he was a maine coon, because when we found him, he was as big as a small match box! We decided to adopt him though. We named him Harley, and he is now 1 year old, and bigger than our 5 year old cat!!! (the 5 year old is not a maine coon)
    We think his little trill is so funny because we named him after a big loud motercycle, because when we found him, and he didn’t die, we thought he should have a tough name.
    I love my Harley!

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