Posted by: Checkers | December 1, 2007

Best of Breed!

I have a picture of my dad. Do you want to see him? Here he is:


His name is Glacier. Doesn’t he look great? That’s my breeder Leda on the right. She’s wonderful. I understand my dad and mom are champions of some sort. Let’s see, what does that sign say…Best……..of …..Breed. Why, that must mean he is the Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the World! But I knew that already-so is my mom. I wonder what you win if you are named Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the World…free plush toys for life, dog treats on the hour every hour, cashmere doggie bed? I’m sure the person on the left in the photo is there to tell Glacier what he’s won!



  1. i think this means your some sort of canine royalty! i had a feeling there was something special there!

  2. Royalty? You mean like Prince Checkers? Wow!

  3. Checkers,

    You are starting to get “full of yourself” again. Your dad was the best cardigan in the ring that day (not the world, though to us he is). He didn’t win a lot of prizes but he did get a nice trophy. I, myself, during my career, won a number of Best of Breed, so I guess that does make you something special :-).

    MommaDog Princess

  4. Hi,

    I don’t understand why my picture doesn’t show up in the message but it shows up on the recent comments list–wow I think I’ll just lie around and see if I am going to have babies. This computer stuff is too complex.

    MommaDog Princess

  5. Sorry about getting full of myself. I know I have to watch that. How do you do it? I don’t know why your picture doesn’t show up here-it shows up in the sidebar. Don’t worry, I always know it’s you when you visit-and I always do what you tell me to do!

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